Tytanium Ideas

Tyler Campbell, Air Force veteran, wanted to start his own marketing firm to be able to make decisions on his own terms. “I wanted to benefit from my own hard work and provide jobs for others,” Tyler explains. In 2010 he launched Tytanium Ideas, a full-service digital marketing firm devoted to client service and educating and delighting their community with strategies that produce results. Their clients’ successes show the customized and creative solutions that Tytanium Ideas offers.

Tyler came to Veteran Launch for a loan to build out Tytanium Ideas’ video department and to hire more staff: “Working with Mike [McGrane, Vice President – Regional Lending Director] was great. He kept us informed, and made the process easier.”

Now employing 12 people, Tytanium Ideas has a growing online learning platform featuring courses like Facebook for Business, Creating Great Content, and Your First Facebook Ad Campaign (click here to sign up). “The loan gave us the ability to launch this new service faster and with more peace of mind,” says Tyler. “Working capital gave us more flexibility, so we could make the best long-term decisions for our business.”

Tyler’s military experience has helped him as an entrepreneur: “Because of our training veterans have the discipline to keep going and the mental fortitude and grit to take on challenges,” Tyler reflects.

Tyler has learned along the way that success comes from focus: “Know what you do well and stick with it,” he advises.