Daniel joins our team working with the Business Outreach Managers to support small businesses in with marketing and establishing an online presence. Additionally, he assists with the collection, analysis, and updating of information about small businesses operating along the new BRT route. Daniel also supports businesses to develop and implement a marketing and customer acquisition strategy.


Daniel received his B.A. in Rhetoric from University of California, Berkeley where he was also a Program Coordinator for the U.C. Berkeley Police Department Community Service Officer program.  He chose this work because it directly served and worked for the safety and security of the community that he was a part of.  During that he was constantly advancing forward in the program, learning new skills and improving himself.  His long-term goal is to start his own business or be a part of a business that gives back to the community that it is a part of.
In Daniel’s off-time he likes to read, program, learn new things, take road trip with friends and family, and explore the many breweries and vineyards that California has to offer.