Yaowen supports business outreach and relationship building in San Francisco by providing one-on-one marketing support and business development support for small business owners. Yaowen also works with the team on projects related to data collection, analysis, reporting, and community and economic development to inform decision-making.

Through his Master of Environmental Planning & Design program at the University of Georgia, Yaowen has worked collaboratively with teams across the U.S. and China.  He has helped organizations by incorporating conceptual thinking into project delivery and execution, with specific experience in interdisciplinary coordination and stakeholder engagement. The variety of planning, design, and business projects he has been involved in prepares him to dive in at any stage of challenge.

While home is behind, the world ahead. Yaowen is an avid Taichi practitioner, a foodie, and a ski lover. He is also interested in technology, curious to learn how can we can better enrich ourselves, empower the community, and cooperate smartly to “pair brute processing power with human ingenuity.”