San Francisco, CA

After twenty years in the jewelry business Shawn Higgins was questioning whether he wanted to stay in an industry that can be harmful to people and the environment. Around the same time, he met Lindsay Daunell who has a background in environmental studies and fashion. As Shawn said, “all of this married into the perfect storm to create the idea for D&H Sustainable Jewelers.”

Together, Shawn and Lindsay own and operate their store in San Francisco. The two are happy to provide a source for sustainable jewelry made from ethically sourced materials combined with high-end design, and a wine bar! Shawn and Lindsay opened in 2011, on the same day that they received their first loan from Main Street Launch (then OBDC).

A $35,000 microloan was used for build-out and inventory. Shawn said that without this loan they wouldn’t have made it through their first three months in business. The San Francisco SBA office referred Shawn and Lindsay to Main Street Launch because they didn’t have the collateral to qualify for traditional funding.

Shawn said that working with Main Street Launch was a positive experience, so in 2013 they came back to the organization for a larger loan. 2013 was a big year for D&H; they saw 50-80% growth from the year before. “We needed to hire more employees, expand our product line, and remodel,” Shawn said. A $250,000 Community Advantage loan gave their business the breathing room it needed to continue to grow.

Shawn is almost breathless when he talks about D&H’s future. He’s proud of how he and Lindsay have created a business that expresses their love for jewelry and their concern for communities and the environment. And Main Street Launch is proud to have supported them from the beginning.