Fair Game

Fair Game in Sacramento, now owned by Marine Corps veteran Terry Watts, celebrates retro games with an enthusiasm that keeps their customers coming back. Their website introduces the business: “Think back to the days of your youth: the countless hours spent guiding Link through Hyrule in order to save Princess Zelda or your quest to save Princess Toadstool in the Mushroom Kingdom. Life was a bit more carefree back then, a bit more fun, and games like the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers helped make it so.”

Fair Game offers retro video games, consoles, and accessories to casual gamers and collectors in the Sacramento Area since 2002. They offer game trade-ins, options to purchase online and sell most of the systems any gamer needs to slip into a nostalgia-filled day of fun. In addition, Fair Game offers professional disc repair both in-store and online.

When Terry acquired Fair Game he did so with the ambition to redevelop the business’ marketing plan and get more deeply involved than the previous owners had been. He is enhancing Fair Game’s online sales marketplace leveraging eBay and Amazon. Fair Game hosts game tournaments inside their retail space to engage the local community and build deeper relationships with their customers.

Terry shares how happy he is to have come across Veteran Launch: “You are doing an enormously valuable service for veterans. It was a pleasure to find Veteran Launch and receive the loan that helped me acquire Fair Game.”