IXIA is a flower shop inspired by nature. They create one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces, and they carry plants and orchids. Their diverse selection offers something for everyone’s price point and aesthetic preferences. IXIA offers more than cut flowers, they create unique designs that celebrate the vibrancy of the natural world.


IXIA has been operating in San Francisco since 1983, and Cheri Mims officially took over the business from the previous owner in 2017. “I first met the previous owner in 2006, and I appreciated his aesthetic because it was different than anything I’d ever seen. I heard in mid-2016 that he was selling the business, and we reconnected. I’m honored to keep this iconic business going and continue the traditions of making memories here,” explains Cheri. Now, IXIA employees four people in addition to Cheri.


“Since I was a kid, I’ve always charted my own path, so I decided to create my own opportunities,” says Cheri. “There have been serious challenges, but I know I have to follow my passion and find people to help me achieve my goals.”


Cheri used her loan from Main Street Launch to acquire the business: “The people at Main Street Launch helped connect me to other resources. Iris at Working Solutions helped me with my lease negotiations. Without all of the lease help and the loan, I may not have been able to get the business, at least not without a lot more frustration and tears.”


Cheri offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Never give up. There will always be opportunities to quit, and I’ve found that by following my passion and continuing to push forward that I can find the solutions I need. There will be setbacks, but when it’s something you want you have to pursue it.”


Join IXIA’s community of people who have been enjoying their sculptural arrangements over the last 35 years. If a customized flower arrangement is out of your price range, check out IXIA’s plants and potted orchids. Whatever you walk away with will exude the passion that Cheri and her team bring to their work. Visit their website and drop by the shop to explore their designs.