Luxurious Nail Boutique prides itself on being culturally diverse, clinically clean, and client-centric.  Their staff of professional technicians are friendly and provide top-of-the-line work.  The business opened in January 2017, and now has three employees.  


Owner Richard Washington worked in his uncle’s business when he was young.  “I watched him do the books, be his own boss and I was pulled toward that,” remembers Richard.  After seeing a show featuring a nail salon with a lot of cultural diversity located on the East Coast, Richard began to do some market research to see if he could bring something like that to his neighborhood in San Francisco’s Bayview.


Richard used his loan from Main Street Launch for rent and equipment.  “The loan was the catalyst to my success,” says Richard.  “Going through the loan process made me do the work that helped me learn how to successfully make decisions for my business.  The loan helped me get open and helped me get ready for success.”


“Robert Lattimore [Main Street Launch Senior Vice President] is a godsend.  He took the time to help me learn and grow, and he always speaks to me at my level.  He helps to develop good business people.  If you’re already good, Robert will make you great,” says Richard.


Richard offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “When you ask for money, make sure you can answer any question about the business.  Your idea has to make sense on paper, and you have to focus on the details in the right order if you want to be successful.”


Richard is running a truly community-focused business.  He conducted a neighborhood contest to choose his logo, and he’s hired people who are just starting out to help give them the chance to develop their skills and grow.  “I want to breath a little bit of hope into our community.  I’m here because I wanted better, and I believe everyone can achieve their goals with a little help,” reflects Richard.


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