Emil Velasquez, owner of Malaya Acupuncture and Wellness Center, decided to launch his business after his parents got sick. “I wasn’t satisfied with the treatments they were receiving, so I decided to open a business where I could help educate people about Chinese medicine,” explains Emil. Malaya Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Oakland’s Fruitvale district offers acupuncture services, Chinese medicine, and herbs, along with education about practical uses of different treatments.


Emil started his business in December 2016, and he’s working now to grow his business and hire employees. “My goal is to help as many people as I can achieve optimal health and wellness,” says Emil. “Chinese medicine has a lot of practical benefits. It has good preventative treatments and can help with issues like chronic pain and infertility.”


Malaya Acupuncture and Wellness Center was growing faster than Emil could manage, so he came to Main Street Launch for a loan. “The loan helped me buy herbs and meet the demand from customers,” says Emil. “Having the money gave me confidence. Without the worry I had before the loan I was able to focus on growing my business and expanding my inventory.”


Emil offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “I wish I would have started with a loan. While you’re getting the business going, having that cushion is what really enables you to start and grow quickly.”


Malaya Acupuncture and Wellness Center accepts most insurance, and Emil offers his customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of Chinese medicine without barriers. Drop by to learn about how it works, explore the practical benefits, and bring your questions!