Oakland, CA

MeetGeraldine is the result of combining strengths of two talented and driven business partners.  Both Geraldine Covento and Lauren Messmer are serial entrepreneurs, dipping their toes into their first enterprises as young kids.  Geraldine and Lauren started off as co-mentors, coming together to seek advice and support on their entrepreneurship journeys.  Their shared philosophy about business transformed their mentorship into a business partnership.

Now, their newest venture, MeetGeraldine, offers their clients the best of both of their brains: digital strategy and development from Geraldine and planning and branding support from Lauren.  MeetGeraldine provides businesses with a team they can trust in defining, developing, and launching a brand that will deliver consistent, effective results.  Currently, MeetGeraldine works with 13 experts in a variety of fields, which enables them to offer custom solutions to meet their clients’ needs.

As Geraldine and Lauren’s business has developed so has their leadership.  They’re now able to delegate some of the operational tasks of the business to their growing team and focus on networking and developing strategic partnerships.  Lauren says,“Our loan from Main Street Launch (then OBDC) was for working capital, which allowed us to retain top-quality talent.  By having a consistent and stable team, we were able to pursue other market initiatives and refocus on a new target audience.  This flexibility exploded our business.”

MeetGeraldine offers a variety of services for small businesses, from individualized brand and design support to business plan writing workshops.  They also serve as advisors, helping their clients with wordpress education so they can manage their own websites to advising what questions to ask your graphic designer.
As you’re working to develop and grow your business, MeetGeraldine are the brand, design, and strategy partners that can help you grow to the next level. Check out their website for portfolio examples, upcoming classes, and more!