Gianluca Legrottaglie always dreamed of using food to be an ambassador of his country. When he opened Montesacro in April 2015, he brought his passion for food and drink to the San Francisco community. “My food represents my life’s journey,” explains Gianluca.


At Montesacro they make Pinsa, an ancestor of pizza. Their modern take on pinsa transforms the tradition of using leftover grains into their specially-blended flour that makes a dish that is low in calories and easy to eat. The first Pinseria in the United States, Montesacro also offers a selection of international wine and beer and ingredients like cheeses, salami, and more for purchase.


Gianluca’s loan from Main Street Launch was used for renovations and permits to get the business open. “The loan allowed me to cut out investors and avoid stressful explanations about my business that distract from running it successfully,” says Gianluca. “The loan process was very involved, but I was able to easily get the answers I needed from Main Street Launch.”


Gianluca also operates 54 Mint in San Francisco, and he has learned a lot about owning restaurants over the years: “Montesacro is the result of amazing teamwork of our 15 employees, and giving your family of employees room to prove themselves has good results. A successful restaurant is not based on the number of customers served in one day but in the number of customers dying to come back,” he explains.


“Make sure you have a solid cushion in the bank when you open. You need to be able to take-off before you can fly, and that requires money for things like salaries, unanticipated expenses, and more,” says Gianluca.


If you haven’t experienced pinsa, visit Montesacro. Their family will take care of yours, and your visit will be an experience you’ll want to repeat.