For Parle Innovation, innovation drives them and is at the core of their company .  In 2013, Mary Parle Shulenberger and her husband Art sought out a loan from Main Street Launch to support and grow their business.  “Technology is a way to advance people’s lives, and while sometimes it has the potential to disconnect, it also holds the promise of immersion,” explains Mary. Parle Innovation is heralded as a category creator, exploring uncharted territories in the market and creating new consumer trends. This very spirit of category creation is embodied in their newest product, the eyeQ Live Viewer.


Although the eyeQ Live looks like something akin to the Star Wars franchise’s “electrobinoculars”, it turns your smartphone into a high definition, portable and versatile live recorder, viewer, and camera.  The user simply slides a typical iPhone into the front of the eyeQ Live Viewer, at which point it serves as a recording and live broadcasting device (with additional functionality and an augmented zoom). The combination results in an HD viewer that allows a user to simultaneously enjoy and record their favorite live events in real time without worrying about holding a phone or tablet in place. Through their mobile app, the device is also capable of live streaming to all major social media. “If it’s worth capturing, it’s worth experiencing! People should not have to choose between the two,” says Mary.


Mary and Art’s partnership works well because Art is an engineer and an inventor with several patents to his name and Mary’s foundation is in product promotion. Her business savvy grounds the operation. To those venturing freshly into entrepreneurship, Mary says, “Being an entrepreneur is like being a parent. You’re never not an entrepreneur. You can’t turn it on and off at any time. It is all consuming but all rewarding.” She herself has been an entrepreneur most of her working life, and it seems to come instinctually to her. For her it was most important to know what she was good at and what she wasn’t good at; and how important it was to not give up.


“Working with Main Street Launch was a good experience.  We loved the people involved with the process.  Although there was some serious paperwork involved, it made us feel that they cared about our business and that our success was their success,” remembers Mary.


Visit the website or sign up to reserve your eyeQ at .