Professional Computer Support

San Francisco, CA

Daniel Hernandez knew early on that he would end up starting his own business. As an IT professional, he wanted to continue to learn and grow but faced limitations in a full-time IT support role. Now as a small business owner, Dan works with hundreds of companies and is constantly learning and adapting his business to meet the fluid industry he operates in.


When Dan started Professional Computer Support in 1989, he was doing “break/fix” work and building computers. With the advent of the internet, he shifted to IT consulting, and recently shifted again to managed services. Dan’s adaptability, strategic business development, and hard work has allowed his business to survive and thrive in an ever-changing field.


Now, Professional Computer Support delivers custom service packages that are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, allowing their clients to work without worrying about IT costs they can’t support. They work as a trusted partner with hundreds of clients to help them focus on running their businesses successfully.


When Dan came to Main Street Launch, he was looking for his first small business loan to invest in marketing and administration to build a stronger sales pipeline. Now, Dan is working full time on managing the business, building a sales pipeline, and expanding their marketing work. He is not doing any tech, and even his daughter has to submit a helpdesk ticket. With this growth came more jobs. Professional Computer Support has 11 employees and is looking to hire more as they continue to grow.


When preparing for the lending process, Dan worked with the San Francisco Small Business Development Center (SBDC). “The process was stressful, but having help on the loan package made a big difference,” remembers Dan. “The loan enabled me to shift from being a referral-based business to building a sales pipeline, and we generated over $600,000 in new business and projects this year. We’re on track to double the business over the next 36 months,” he says. Next, Dan is beginning to lend his expertise to others in his industry has a speaker.


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