Owned by Tam Hauskens and Maggie Valentino, Remedy Barre and Foam Rolling opened in March 2017 and is first and foremost a fitness studio. Remedy specializes in combining barre fitness and foam rolling, which makes them unique from other barre studios. “Oakland has been lacking a strong variety of barre options, so we’re excited to offer a fresh take on this popular form of fitness,” says Maggie. With eight teachers, Remedy offers a variety of classes and options for students at all levels.


Maggie always knew she’d be a business owner: “I wasn’t a good student, but I was a ‘body’ person. I studied ballet growing up and doing something body-focused made sense to me. I became a massage therapist and realized I could make $15 per hour working for someone else, or I could work for myself and have more earning potential. I chose working for myself.”


“Starting a business is a risk, but I decided it was better to take the risk and build it than to have a mediocre income. There’s a risk that we may not have students, but I’m committed and I have faith that our hard work will make the business grow and be lucrative in the future,” explains Maggie.


“Taking out a loan was the hardest part for us in starting a business, but Main Street Launch was there to answer our questions along the way. That made the process much easier,” remembers Maggie. “We used our loan from Main Street Launch to build our beautiful space. We probably could have opened by bootstrapping and using credit cards, but our space wouldn’t be as amazing as it is today. It’s beautiful, functional, and calming, setting the tone we want and that our clients keep coming back for,” explains Maggie. “I underestimated the value of a good impression when we first opened. Having a beautiful space helps to inspire our clients to come back for more classes.”


Maggie offers advice for aspiring business owners: “I didn’t expect to have to give so much of our product away in the beginning to build our client base. We’re growing steadily but not as quickly as we had thought we could. My advice is to expect break-even and profitability to take longer, and take out as much money as you can afford. Having the money set aside is helping us make the right choices to grow our business.”


Remedy Barre and Foam Rolling is Oakland’s newest barre studio, freshening up barre in Oakland. Their barre classes give you the strength you’re looking for while providing the release you need through foam rolling. Check out their schedule, and try your first class for $13.