Kamilah Crawford, the owner of Serenity Skin Care, has been an esthetician for over 14 years. “In 2013, I finally felt confident enough to open a skincare business and put full commitment in it,” remembers Kamilah. As a result, Serenity Skin Care was born and is now dedicated to serve clients in the Oakland area.


“My father is a successful engineer, and he was the one who encouraged me to be an entrepreneur when I was young. I was working in the healthcare industry before I started my business. Instead of working for somebody else, I decided to follow my passion and bring it to life,” explains Kamilah.


Kamilah used her loan from Main Street Launch for marketing and to update equipment. “The loan helps us in so many ways! We are able to update our website and invest in marketing channels like Yelp,” Kamilah explains. “Thanks to the loan, we recently bought a medical grade Microdermabrasion machine that can efficiently exfoliate your facial skin.” The new equipment enhanced the services Serenity Skin Care provides to its clients.


“Adrian Gomez Zavala, Assistant Vice President – Relationship Manager, from Main Street Launch, helped me a lot at the time. He guided me through every details and supported me throughout the process.” remembers Kamilah.


“I encourage all startup businesses in need to apply for loans. I was hesitant at the beginning because of the time-consuming application process and paper-work. After going through the process, the loan helped me feel ready, and it allowed me to make improvement to my business,” explains Kamilah.


Kamilah offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “First of all, you need to be an expert in your field. Keep educating and motivating yourself! Also, you need to know your weakness and make improvements.”


Besides refreshing facial services, Serenity Skin Care also offers many massage packages that can take away your daily stress. It is a perfect destination for people who want to relax or treat themselves after a tiring day. Book your spot today and come visit Kamilah. You will walk out of your appointment feeling shiny and new.