Growing up, David Benton, the owner of Sugarsweet Cookie and Cake Studio, was not exposed to baking. He went on to California Culinary School to become a chef. During his studies there, he took an introductory baking class and immediately fell in love with it. After the 2008 recession, he lost his job and started teaching himself how to bake. He became a pastry chef and opened his online baking store in 2009. After 9 years of running his business online, David decided to open a brick and mortar to expand what he’s able to create and offer to his customers.


During his time running his online business, David has had some phenomenal figures as his clients. He baked Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s birthday cake as well as some fresh berries tarts for actor Danny Glover. David says, “With my new retail space, I’m hoping to have a modern bakery that uses old fashioned baking techniques.” It will become a place where he can express all his creativity and out-of-the-box ideas. He also wants Sugarsweet Cookie and Cake Studio to be a welcoming and safe space for everyone, especially people of color.


With his dream of having a storefront, he came to Main Street Launch and received a loan. With the financial help, he is building his bakery next to Mills College. He is hoping to have a grand opening late August to early September 2018.


Come by his bakery and check out his beautiful cakes and pastries!