Vita is a boutique fitness studio specializing in yoga, pilates, and barre. They offer classes that range from gentle to power to intense cardio. Vita is a great place to pursue your fitness goals and build community.


Katy Winter opened Vita in 2017 after changing careers. “I was working in finance, but I knew I wanted to work for myself. I moved to the Bay Area and decided to shift my focus to health coaching, and I wanted to offer my experience and passion for fitness with my community,” recalls Katy.


Katy used her loan from Main Street Launch to get the business off the ground. “Main Street Launch was the only place that would consider funding a startup with no sales. Without this loan, I would have never been able to open the business,” says Katy. “Working with Main Street was a good experience. I felt supported as we worked through all the paperwork.”


Katy offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Save for a rainy day. It truly takes a year to learn your industry and see trends in your business. You have to have money available in order to survive and grow.”


Vita offers a variety of classes, including morning, daytime, and evening options at different intensity levels. They also offer childcare for busy parents who need support in order to attend (and it’s very affordable). Vita offers a new-client special that lets you try out their classes. Visit their website to see their schedule and get started today!