Relationship Skills: Business Team Dynamics

Are you a leader struggling to get respect from your staff? Are you a team member wishing your colleagues were easier to communicate with? Do you yearn for greater satisfaction and aliveness in your work? Healthy groups are more innovative. This event is for anyone looking to build trust, collaboration and effective communication skills within…

Effective Cross Cultural Business Communications

Learn successful strategies for dealing with social structures and decision-making processes when interacting with different cultural values, beliefs and traditions. Develop practical tools and skills through an experiential workshop leading to your ability to communicate effectively with your diverse employees and clientele.

How Good Are Your Presentation Skills?

Develop Your Presentation Skills Improve your chances of success by making your idea the most persuasive possible by presenting it the best way possible. Learn how to communicate to various audiences. Learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control, and poise. Understand why the best presentations tell a story.