The Waffle Experience

The Waffle Experience offers a large menu for breakfast and lunch, all centered around waffles. If you’ve never tried a burger on a waffle or a salad with a waffle base, these guys have you covered. It is hard to tell what is more unique about The Waffle Experience restaurant: their breakfast and lunch creations labeled “Two Hands Required” or the story behind the restaurant.

The restaurant was started by three US Marines who served together in Operation Desert Storm and is owned by Chef Michael Donoho. They credit their camaraderie during their time aboard aircraft carriers and around fighter jets as a major asset in starting and growing The Waffle Experience. This team has brought their respective skills together to build this successful restaurant concept. Chef Michael Donoho had inspiration. Dominic Dolar brings considerable coffee expertise as a master at craft roasting and owner of his own company Liberty Coffee Roasting. Jeffery Belaski serves as general manager, leading the business side of the organization and his wife Lydia has been an important part of growing the business.

Chef Mike now owns two locations, the first in Natomas, CA and the second in Folsom, CA, funded in part by Veteran Launch. “Working with Mike McGrane and Veteran Launch was great from the beginning,” says restaurant owner Mike Donoho. “They bring a mission focus to what they do, and I knew right away they were focused on our business success.”

The Waffle Experience joins a number of veteran-owned restaurants funded by Veteran Launch. “The fact that Veteran Launch has supported other veteran-owned restaurants helped influence our decision,” added Mike. “In addition to our financing, Veteran Launch is bringing assistance on cost-cutting and ways to help increase revenue for our restaurant. That support means a lot.”

Check out this great video about The Waffle Experience below.