Bernal Cutlery

San Francisco, CA

Josh Donald originally started a knife sharpening service out of his living room to help support his newborn child. That small venture has flourished into a ten year business adventure exploring traditional Japanese’s knifes and whetstone sharpening techniques.


Josh has traveled throughout Japan learning and honing his craft. Now stationed in San Francisco, Josh is sharing his passion and expertise on Japanese cutlery through Bernal Cutlery.


Josh grew out of a Bernal Heights kiosk into his current space at 593 Guerrero St in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission district.


This larger space allowed Josh to expand the variety of handmade Japanese knives and include more traditional western style knives, vintage knives, outdoor pocket knives, and whetstone sharpening tools.


Expanding his inventory required some capital, and that’s where Main Street Launch (OBDC at the time) was able to help. Josh appreciated Main Street Launch’s “let’s get this done attitude” and was able to quickly place orders to import knives from Japan that are highly coveted and difficult to come by.


Now his wide inventory of cutlery is set in an old-timey storefront with a great historical feel and wooden cases filled with knives lining the wall where professional chefs and weekend cooks can go to indulge in the art of fine cutlery.


Bernal Cutlery offers several classes that cover breaking down fish and vegetables with Japanese techniques, everyday Western knife skills, and Japanese Whetstone sharpening. They even offer children’s classes hoping to inspire the next generation of chefs and craftsmen. Bernal Cutlery’s educational offering put up their love for the art of cutlery on full display.


If you’re in the market for new knives drop by Bernal Cutlery and register for classes to dive into the age old art form of Japanese knives.


Photo credit: Molly DeCoudreaux