Happy Admission Day!

On September 9, 1850, California became a free, nonslavery state and the 31st state to join the union. Today, our offices are closed to celebrate our state’s history.

Click here for an interesting overview of California’s formation – we had no idea how many capitol cities we had before we settled on Sacramento.

We’re back in the office tomorrow, and wishing everyone a Happy Admission Day!

Urban Strategies Council is Hiring!

Our friends at the Urban Strategies Council are hiring a Director of Development and Communications. Click here for more details and application information. The role skews more to the resource development work, and they’re encouraging candidates with that background to apply, even if their communications experience is not as extensive.

Farley’s launches a profit-sharing program

Farley’s, an OBDC client, was featured in the news recently for their newly-launched employee profit sharing program. Every employee who has been with the company for at least six months will receive a share of 10% of the profits. This is additional income, not a paycheck deduction, demonstrating Farley’s deep commitment to the community and the people who make their business run day-to-day.