Don’t Shop on Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!  We’re thrilled to be celebrating with our loved ones, and we hope you are too.  While you think about your holiday shopping, consider #shoppingsmall to support your neighbors and communities.   Click here to see our small business clients that operate in your neighborhood (it’s a map!).  You don’t need to shop small…

It’s Admission Day!

Our office is closed tomorrow, Friday, September 9, in celebration of Admission Day.  Click here to read our previous post about the history of Admission Day.   In 2005, the Office of the Governor produced a proclamation in celebration of Admission Day, that reads in part:   “California became the 31st state in the union…

Urban Strategies Council is Hiring!

Our friends at the Urban Strategies Council are hiring a Director of Development and Communications. Click here for more details and application information. The role skews more to the resource development work, and they’re encouraging candidates with that background to apply, even if their communications experience is not as extensive.

Reliable Transportation is Good for Business

The New York Times reported on a new study that reveals that commuting time is the single most important indicator in whether or not low-income families are able to escape poverty. This relationship between social and economic mobility and transportation is stronger than other factors like crime, elementary school test scores, or the percentage of two-parent families within that community, according to the article.

Consulting for Business Success

successEarlier this year, James Stephenson produced a list of 25 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. We’ve seen entrepreneurs work hard to get great at all of these and know what a big impact there can be with advisors, coaches, consultants, and experts available to support you and your business. Here are four important areas in which all business owners can continue to develop and grow.