Jenny Pennywood

San Francisco, CA

In 2008, Jen Garrido was exclusively working as a fine artist in several galleries.  When the recession hit, everything stopped.  Jen has always been business-driven and created work for herself, so she got creative about other ways to use her experience as an artist to make money.  She decided to start Jenny Pennywood after doing some projects with friends and with her husband.  Now Jenny Pennywood is a home textiles line that is made in the USA, primarily in San Francisco.  


Jenny Pennywood produces home textiles that mix patterns and design, but can all be used together.  Her combination of patterns, colors, and styles allow you to furnish your collections with everything from napkins and tea towels, to throws, pillows, and even beach chairs.  In addition, Jen continues to work as a visual artist under her own name.  “Keeping the two businesses separate gives me flexibility,” says Jen.  “I can shift into different projects easily without confusing my customers.”  Both businesses are busy, allowing Jen to stretch her creativity in many directions.


When Jenny Pennywood was growing, Jen found herself in a place where she didn’t have the money to make the products needed to keep the business going.  Jen came to Main Street Launch (then OBDC) at the recommendation of her bookkeeper, who works with other Main Street Launch clients.  “There was a lot I didn’t know,” reflects Jen.  “My bookkeeper helped with a lot of the paperwork.  It took a lot of time, but it was a good, easy process.  Everyone was nice and helpful.”  Her Main Street Launch loan helped her grow her business and produce more than she had before.

“There’s a beauty to staying small but being successful,” says Jen.  “I’m a mom, so I created my business to fit into a lifestyle where I don’t have to overwork or overextend myself.”  You can find all of Jenny Pennywood’s products online.  Follow Jenny Pennywood on instagram for previews of what’s coming next.