Crooked City Cider is a women-owned business that produces freshly made, unsweetened cider in Uptown Oakland. Dana Bushouse is the owner of the business. Three years ago, Dana started the business and decided to make cider that is different from what’s offered in the market.


“My great uncles inspired me to own a business,” remembers Dana. Liquor was illegal in the early 1930, and the Bushouse brothers, John and Peter created a moonshine production that was successful back at the time. Eventually they were forced to end their business, but generations later, Dana decided to follow her great uncles’ footstep, using the family knowledge to create her unique cider recipes for everybody to enjoy.


“We are still in the process of getting the loan. Adrian Gomez Zavala Assistant Vice President – Relationship Manager from Main Street Launch is working with me throughout the process,” says Dana.


“The loan I am applying for is mainly for our new location located at 222 Broadway, a 25 tap cider bar that is going to open in April 2018,” explains Dana. “The loan will cover everything you can think of, including marketing, inventories, and materials.”


Dana offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Remember to document all the steps along the way when you are starting a business in case there is a time you need to go back and look for information. It is always good to be prepared!”


Crooked City Cider is now opening three days a week: Thursdays and Fridays from 5PM to 9PM and Saturdays from 2PM to 5PM. Dana produces small batches ciders that do not contain sulfites or pasteurization, making them less sweet than what you find in the market. Even better, the ciders are all gluten free with no sugar added.


Crooked City Cider is a perfect destination for you and your friends and family to enjoy a glass of crisp cider after a long day. Do not hesitate, visit Dana today and get ready to start a whole new cider experience!