In 2011, Daniel Moses opened The Hair Gym Academy & Salon, deciding to test a new business model in hair styling education. Daniel wanted to create an education experience that can fit hair stylists’ busy schedules or even unemployed people who want to make a career transition into the salon industry. Now, The Hair Gym Academy & Salon has two employees that bringing quality educational courses as well as styling services to the Oakland area.


“One of the biggest challenges we have is getting people to understand our business model,” says Daniel. “There is not an industry standard tuition for courses like this. Therefore, the course fees offered by other salon academy is really expensive, and the price is usually set up based on the educator’s fame and ego,” Daniel explains.


Because of the high expense, Daniel created a membership system for the classes that are offered in the Hair Gym Academy & Salon. Just like signing up as a gym member, you pay a monthly fee then you can enjoy up to four of their classes on every Monday. “We do it in this way so it can fit the busy, unpredictable schedule of a hair stylist,” explains Daniel.


Daniel used the loan to buy inventory, set up payroll, and do advertising. “The process takes time, but it is a good learning experience. It was pleasant to work with Main Street Launch, and they provided us with lots of support and help,” remembers Daniel.


Daniel offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Have a business plan in mind, and don’t forget to keep educating and improving yourself by taking classes.”


Daniel is also raising money on GoFundMe to provide professional scholarships for people who want to build a career in the salon industry. The goal is to use this fund to help 100 ambitious stylists in 2018!


Are you a styling professional who is looking to make improvement, a person who is looking to start a career in beauty salon industry or someone interested in getting a refreshing new look? Contact The Hair Gym Academy & Salon today and get ready to have a makeover of your style!