Seth Sundberg, owner of Inside-Out Bar, has always been entrepreneurial.  He played professional basketball, worked in real estate, and had several other professional roles that allowed him to pursue his entrepreneurial spirit.  Seth started Inside-Out Bar in May 2015 after serving five years in prison. While serving his time, Seth created a new food product that was healthy and could serve as a meal supplement to give his peers and himself a better option than the meals available.  Now Inside-Out Bar is a mission-driven nutrition bar company with a social impact that helps their customers fuel their bodies with a powerful food that supports good health from the inside out.


The mission-focus on Inside-Out Bar is to create jobs for formerly incarcerated people across their supply chain, creating opportunities for people who are pursuing the next phase of their life.  The original bar and the desire to help formerly incarcerated workers grew into a series of phenomenal products that include bars with new flavors, lower sugar, and more protein per bar. The new prebiotic and probiotic bars focus on connecting gut health with physical and mental wellness.  These products are great for adults with an active lifestyle, parents of young kids who want healthy options on the go, and social-justice minded folks who want to make an impact with their purchases.


Seth used his loan from Main Street Launch to take Inside-Out Bar to market.  “Without the funding, we would not have been able to create the new products and establish our new brand,” remembers Seth.  “I was grateful to find a lender who was willing to work with me. Because of my time in prison, it’s hard to know if that will impact a lender’s decision.  The funding from Main Street Launch allowed us to get our products to our customers.”


Seth offers advice to entrepreneurs: “Things change as the business grows.  By getting a viable product out fast, gathering feedback, and adjusting to meet the market demand, you’ll create the best opportunity to grow a successful business.  It can be difficult to let go of the original idea, but it’s part of doing business.”


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