Owned by Jennie Lennick, Jenny Lemons is a retail store, working studio, and workshop space in San Francisco’s Mission District. Jenny Lemons sells their own clothing line made of hand printed and cut fabrics, as well as the work of other local artists and makers. In addition to retail, Jenny Lemons hosts events that celebrate makers and invite the community to create with them.


“I come from an entrepreneurial family,” says Jennie. “My dad and grandfather owned businesses, and I’ve always wanted to do my own thing. When I was working for someone else, I found myself drawn to pursuing my own art. When I decided to open the store, my business expanded beyond my dream and became a place to support other local artists, as well as myself.”


Jennie launched her clothing line in 2015 and opened her store in January 2018. So far, Jenny Lemons has three employees.


“Without Main Street Launch’s support, I would not have been able to open the store,” remembers Jennie. “I used the loan to buy the furniture and equipment I needed and to hire employees. The money allowed me to make the space look and feel warm and beautiful, and that has made the best possible experience for my customers and the artists who sell here.”


Jennie completed her business plan with Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and then came to Main Street for funding. “I felt supported through the process. We had to move quickly because I was competing for space, and we were able to get the loan finalized in time,” says Jennie.


Jennie offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Know when to ask for help. My business grew slowly because I did it all myself. I was able to grow more quickly when I got a local factory to help me cut and sew. By hiring employees I don’t have to be in the store all the time, and I can focus on growing the business. It’s hard to let go, but it’s the only way to be successful.”


Jenny Lemons hosts amazing workshops in their space, including weaving, crafting, painting, and more. If you are interested, but need financial support to attend, contact the business. They established a scholarship program to make it accessible while still paying artists what they’re worth and splitting the profits with the people teaching the workshops. Check out the workshop schedule and stop in for a visit: http://www.jennylemons.com/.