Silber, Vasquez & Associates is a Life Coaching firm based in San Francisco but works with clients all around the world, such as in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and China among others. Their mission is to help their clients set goals in order to attain a better future. They help their clients figure out what they want and assist them in creating fulfilling personal and professional lives with minimal regrets.


Before founding Silber, Vasquez & Associates, Jeffrey Silber and Liza Vasquez both worked with Martindale-Hubbell, a network of international lawyers. They were hired at the same time to represent this company in Latin America and they set up their base in Mexico City. Through that work they became familiar with each other and the world of lawyers. Jeffrey was working as a successful accountant and leading a middle-class life. However, he did not feel fulfilled by the work he was doing. He realized that his friends and family were already coming to him seeking his advice, and he saw their lives becoming better because of his counseling and mentoring.


Later, when the company they were both working for eventually closed their Latin American operations, they realized that they could make a profession out of Life Coaching. Jeffrey saw that Liza is by nature the best and most intuitive Life Coach he had ever met. Together they went through extensive training and started a Life Coaching business of their own, specializing in lawyers since they both have experience working in that sector.


Liza offers specialization in understanding Hispanic women in business and cross-cultural social pressures, since she herself feels connected to both her Mexican and American identities. Jeffrey excels with clients in professional services firms but has garnered life experience in a variety of fields.


The loan from Main Street Launch helped the two of them finance business trips to Latin America. Jeffrey comments, “The loan came at a good time and helped us get back on track.”


To aspiring Life Coaches and mentors, Jeffrey says, “Be specialized, and have a niche. Make sure to know about, and have experience working with, the community you intend to coach.” To learn more about them, visit their website or contact them by phone at 415-509-0234.