The Philoglots

The Philoglots is a language learning center that was started by Madame Josee Savard Schumer. She grew up speaking French, and she loved learning how to speak English: “By speaking English, I became interested in the differences between language and cultures. I wanted to share those differences with my family, friends, and neighbors.” When she was asked to help start a French program at one of her local schools, she accepted. “It was hard at first because I had never done anything like it before, but there were great results,” Josee remembers. Toward the end of the program, Josee’s program was starting to gain popularity. When it ended, she was encouraged by her community to continue teaching and assisting in some capacity.

That experience inspired her to open The Philoglots. Her goal was to create a gathering place for people who speak other languages or who are curious about learning another language. The Philoglots is unique because Madame Josee has created an everyday experience that pushes the boundaries of a classroom. The learning center is based on workshops and activities that are conducted in the specified language, and these are accessible to families and people of all ages. She recognizes the importance of classes and structure, but she teaches “the practical side of language. You don’t talk like you write, and there are different rhythms and speed to speech.” At the Philoglots, you can practice French or Spanish. They offer classes and immersion programs as well.

The Philoglots is a new business that opened in October 2016. Josee and her husband Gregory connected with Veteran Launch during the startup phase of their business. Her husband and partner at the Philoglots served in the Gulf War when he was 18 years old. “My experience with Veteran Launch was awesome. I had nothing but help, support, and understanding for my business, and it was a smooth ride. I found Mr. Mike McGrane through the SBDC. He helped me start my business. I was impressed by the services,” reflects Josee.

Madame Josee invites people of all skill levels to The Philoglots located at 201 Harding Blvd. Suite G, Roseville CA 95678.