Why Take Your Business Online?

You may not realize that going online can actually make you money by growing revenue and profits even while you sleep. Developing an online strategy may make it easier for customer to reach you when you can’t reach them.


What is a lending circle?

OBDC Small Business Finance is thrilled to partner with Mission Asset Fund to offer lending circles to small business owners in our program areas. When banks are not available, people across the globe lend each other money. LendingCircles.org has taken this to a new level by incorporating credit reporting. Now, in addition to accessing funds, a participant’s credit score can improve through positive credit activity.


Happy Admission Day!

On September 9, 1850, California became a free, nonslavery state and the 31st state to join the union. Today, our offices are closed to celebrate our state’s history.

Click here for an interesting overview of California’s formation – we had no idea how many capitol cities we had before we settled on Sacramento.

We’re back in the office tomorrow, and wishing everyone a Happy Admission Day!


We are Opening Our Doors for You!

We are honored to have been chosen as an Oakland NewCo. We’ll be hosting a 1-hour session right INSIDE our offices at 1:30pm on Thursday, October 8. Come hear Adrian Gomez Zavala and Scott Lewis discuss the critical importance of small businesses for our local economies and get a chance to meet with a few of OBDC’s clients who are creating jobs and helping to transform Oakland.


Free Business Plan Template

If you’re thinking about starting a business or if you’re currently operating a business without a business plan or strategic plan, here’s a free business plan template to get you started.