Farley’s launches a profit-sharing program

Farley’s, an OBDC client, was featured in the news recently for their newly-launched employee profit sharing program. Every employee who has been with the company for at least six months will receive a share of 10% of the profits. This is additional income, not a paycheck deduction, demonstrating Farley’s deep commitment to the community and the people who make their business run day-to-day.

Lending Circles Come to OBDC

This week OBDC Small Business Finance was selected as part of Better Bay Area, a program supported by Mission Asset Fund, Google, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Y&H Soda Family Foundation to bring the power of lending circles to a larger network of communities across the Bay Area. OBDC is planning to use lending circles to support borrowers in building credit, receiving financial education, and in growing their networks to help their businesses thrive.